Sunday, October 31, 2004

Time to Pahtay!

Yahoo! There is NOTHING like the feeling of finishing a book that's under deadline. YAY! No matter how much time I have to write a book, I always worry that some horrific accident will be befall me and I will be in the hospital in a coma and miss my deadline. Well, fear no longer! My book is written and off at my agent for a quick reading. Busses come and get me! Well, not really. I'd prefer not to be flattened with tiretracks on my forehead, but if it has to happen, better now than last week. But anyway, I'm totally pumped to be done and I even like the story! YAHOO!

Got a new cell phone today. GSM network, here I come. Is new technology better? I don't know, but my options for the ring tone were pretty much awful. And they don't even have my model on the website, so I can't even download a decent ring. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Smiles at Strangers

Today, I was at a stoplight on the way to my tennis match, and I decided to check out the drivers of the cars around me. Yeah, I'm nosy. So what? I'm a writer. It's what I do. Anyhoodles, when I was staring at the woman in the next car, she turned and looked at me. Normally, when I get busted for gawking, I immediately wave at a stranger on the sidewalk or just jerk my gaze away guiltily. For some reason those of us with small brains can't fathom (yeah, that's me with the pea brain), instead of trying to fake it and pretend I hadn't been staring rudely, I smiled at her. I have no idea why, but I did. And after a minute, she smiled back. And we sat there in our cars for a few moments, smiling at each other. It was a very cool moment. Then it got a little weird, and it was like, okay, shouldn't I look away now or start a conversation or something, but that's not the point. The point was that when she smiled back at me, I felt good and I thought about it the entire way to tennis. Won my tennis match too. I decided that maybe I needed to start smiling at strangers more. Of course, I'm writing a serial killer book right now, so I did think about the fact that if I smiled at the wrong person, they might decide I'd look good in their serial killer trophy case and then I'd be in serious trouble... Yeah, anyway. At the time, it seemed like a good idea...

Off to watch the Red Sox. Think they can actually pull out this World Series? That would be the coolest thing ever.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

It's Kip, not Kim!

There's a typo in the caption of the photo. The puppy is named Kip, not Kim.

Are you impressed or what with my photo-posting capabilities? I'm emotionally and intellectually fried now, and I'm afraid I'll have to go lie in a pool of chocolate to revive myself.

Darn it. I just figured out how to edit past posts. I could've done that instead of telling you I got the caption wrong on the photo, and then none of you would have known that I was capable of imperfection. Darn it. My reputation is toast.



Oscar and Kim, my two adorable boys Posted by Hello

Me again! So soon? I'm such a chatterboxx.

Stephanie Rowe (aka Stephie Davis)

Okay, trying to figure out how to post again isn't that easy. Argh.

How to feel incompetent: try to become a blogger.


Okay, what I really wanted to do was share my GREAT news, which hasn't even been posted on my website yet (lucky you are the FIRST to know! WHOOEEE! Well, maybe not WHOOEEE, because it's not like you can earn money or anything, but it's WHOOEEE for me because I can!) Anyway, I sold my first romantic suspense book a few weeks ago! Now I'm not a one dimensional humor writer. No siree, I'm well rounded (more than just my butt) and now I can write about dead bodies, stalkers and weapons. Isn't that FUN!!??! I'm totally pumped. I just finished the first draft of the book I sold, and I'm so pumped! It's called TO DIE FOR, but I'm sure the marketing gurus at Harlequin will find a much better title than my lame-o attempt.

So anyway, that's my super-awesome news for the day! And I might have more good news to post soon, so make sure you check back.

Plus the photo of the cute men in my life... you're still salivating for that, aren't you?

First Time's a Charm

Or is it the third time that's the charm? Well, let's hope it's the first time! First time for what? For a real blog! No more pseudo-blog on my website that is sooo easy to forget to do. I'm hip, I'm happening and I've got a real blog. I plan to post lots of cool photos with the camera I just got for my b-day (Happy Birthday to Me!) but that may require more technical expertise than I can acquire at this time. We'll have to play it by ear (you know, that's kind of a dumb phrase. What does my ear have to do with whether I can figure out how to post pictures to this website??).

Game 2 of the World Series tonight. GO RED SOX!

PS Did you know the Yankees own the biggest post-season collapse in baseball history? Ah, that's a beautiful thing for a Sox fan.

Okay, here's a test photo of the incredible adorable men in my life... hang on...

Okay, nevermind. I have to do some techie stuff first and I don't have time. But I know the lure of seeing the picture will bring you back again and again until I figure it out.