Sunday, October 24, 2004

Me again! So soon? I'm such a chatterboxx.

Stephanie Rowe (aka Stephie Davis)

Okay, trying to figure out how to post again isn't that easy. Argh.

How to feel incompetent: try to become a blogger.


Okay, what I really wanted to do was share my GREAT news, which hasn't even been posted on my website yet (lucky you are the FIRST to know! WHOOEEE! Well, maybe not WHOOEEE, because it's not like you can earn money or anything, but it's WHOOEEE for me because I can!) Anyway, I sold my first romantic suspense book a few weeks ago! Now I'm not a one dimensional humor writer. No siree, I'm well rounded (more than just my butt) and now I can write about dead bodies, stalkers and weapons. Isn't that FUN!!??! I'm totally pumped. I just finished the first draft of the book I sold, and I'm so pumped! It's called TO DIE FOR, but I'm sure the marketing gurus at Harlequin will find a much better title than my lame-o attempt.

So anyway, that's my super-awesome news for the day! And I might have more good news to post soon, so make sure you check back.

Plus the photo of the cute men in my life... you're still salivating for that, aren't you?


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