Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nightmare 101: The Blank Page

Okay, I'm back. I finished my book, and I think it turned out okay (will wonders never cease?). And then my brain completely fell into a puddle of mush and I lost the inability to think, function or even look at the computer for ten days.

But now I am crawling my way back into the breathing, living and somewhat functioning world...which means it's time to start working on my next project.

I was planning to take a month off. Took a week instead. Ah, the life of an addict. I just can't stay away.

So, my proposal for book #4 in my Warner paranormal series (boy, does this series need a name! Any suggestions?) isn't due until 8/15, so I'm going to try to come up with a proposal for a different series in the interim.

Which means a blank page. Not just a blank page, but a blank folder on my computer. Not a single document exists on this new project. Not a name. Not a whisper of a character. Not a location. Not a plot (hah!). All I know is the genre.

Wow. That is so daunting. Moments like this, I wonder how in the world I'm ever going to get from the state of all-consuming blankness to a full story. But somehow, it happens every time, so I can only assume it'll happen this time. (ahem. fingers crossed).

But man, where do I start? I never start in the some place. Some authors have a set procedure they go thru when they start a new book, but I'm always different. Sometimes I start with a location, or a career, or a character, or a conflict... I just have to take random stabs at all of them until something finally takes root. I wish it was easy... well, I guess I don't. If it were easy, I'd be bored and have moved onto a new career by now. There's just something so satisfying about battling my way through impentrable underbrush and emerging into the light, though I have to admit, I'm still trying to teach myself to enjoy the struggle itself.

So here I go. Off to battle. Wish me luck.


At 7:46 AM, Blogger TJBrown said...

Good Luck! Instead of thinking of it as a blank, think of it as anything be possible. Might help some. LOL


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