Thursday, April 28, 2005

What's up with the hair???

Here is a photo with me and my friend Sarah from a photo booth. Question of the day: who can tell me what's up with our hair? First one to guess right wins a free copy of my new book, Who Needs Boys? which comes out in a week (it's by my alter ego, Stephie Davis).
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Get over it already!

Okay, I know nothing can possibly top Matthew's abs or Korean typeface, but I'm going to share anyway. I went to check out today and the message today was basically to the effect that whatever is happening to you now, it's happening. You can't stop it, so why waste energy being annoyed about it? Get over it and make the best of the moment and maybe you can have some fun!

Okay, so that was a totally loose and not-so-poetic paraphrase of the message, but it's very cool and I like it.

So that's my motto for the week: get over it already!

Very exciting day in the Rowe household today! After I pulled my dogs off the UPS guy (sorry about the tattered pants, but seriously, they're brown. At least with the toothmarks they have some personality!), he gave me a package that had three copies of my April 04 release Stress & the City....drum roll, please... in Korean!!! How cool is that? I'm global!!! It's my first foreign copies ever and I'm totally in awe of them. Can't read a word of it, but I'm still in awe. Plus the cover is awesome! The book is all about chocolate and there's some very yummy looking chocolate on the cover.  Posted by Hello

Here's a page from the Korean edition. Um, yeah. Like I can read that. Didn't stop me from spending twenty minutes flipping through the pages, though. It was too cool! Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

Matthew McConaughey in Sahara. Posted by Hello

Title help part deux & movie boyfriends

Thanks to all who emailed me or posted comments with their title suggestions. The one that won is If the Shoe Fits. I think it fits the book perfectly and I'm happy with it. My friend Guinevere actually thought it up. THanks, G!

Oh, and has anyone seen Sahara yet? Can we say "Nice abs, Matthew?" I mean seriously. He is HOT! I think he's my new movie boyfriend. And if you think he's yours, I'll fight you for him. Watch out. I'm a sixth degree black belt. Er... well... okay, so I own six black belts and they've all been chewed up by my dogs. But my loyalty to my new boyfriend is very strong, so don't cross me. Anyone else have movie boyfriends, or am I the only one?

Didja miss me??

Question: what happens when you are too dumb to remember your login info for your blog?
Answer: your blog becomes stale and outdated and you get harassing emails from your agent to start updating it again.

Thanks to the brilliant "retrieve login info" at live journal, I am now back and rarin' to go.

Okay, first things first, I woke up Monday morning with this almost overwhelming feeling that something truly AMAZING was going to happen this week. Was I going to sell one of the gazillion proposals I have out there in editor-land? Was my good friend Trish finally going to get The Call? What was going to happen!?!?!

Well, I might have the answer. Or I might not.

Last night I got a call that both Studying Boys and Putting Boys on the Ledge finalled in the National Reader's Choice Awards. This is a big contest and very awesome and exciting. I'm totally stoked! Yay! They do this big promo thing at the RWA National conference and have a big awards ceremony, so I'm totally pumped. Yay!

So here's my question: was the NCRA the thing I was feeling on Monday, or is something else still to come? I mean, it's almost 10:40 Pacific Time, which means all those New York editors will soon be heading out the door to start their weekend early, so I'm not really thinking there's too much of a chance that any sales are going to be happening between now and the end of the day. So was my feeling about the NRCA, or was I off by a week and something is going to happen next week? Any predictions? Hmmm....

Oh, and more exciting news! My May teen book, which officially hits the shelves on May 3rd, started to ship today from online bookstores. exciting! There is still nothing like the feeling of walking into a bookstore and seeing your name on a book in there. Truly, it's awesome. Incredible. Mind-boggling..... oooo!!! My agent is calling me!!! Maybe this is it!!!!!!!!

False alarm. Sigh. She was returning my call that I left her about finalling in the NCRA. Darn it! So close, yet so far!

Off to eat leftover lasagna from the Spaghetti Factory. Delish!