Sunday, October 31, 2004

Time to Pahtay!

Yahoo! There is NOTHING like the feeling of finishing a book that's under deadline. YAY! No matter how much time I have to write a book, I always worry that some horrific accident will be befall me and I will be in the hospital in a coma and miss my deadline. Well, fear no longer! My book is written and off at my agent for a quick reading. Busses come and get me! Well, not really. I'd prefer not to be flattened with tiretracks on my forehead, but if it has to happen, better now than last week. But anyway, I'm totally pumped to be done and I even like the story! YAHOO!

Got a new cell phone today. GSM network, here I come. Is new technology better? I don't know, but my options for the ring tone were pretty much awful. And they don't even have my model on the website, so I can't even download a decent ring. Sigh.


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