Thursday, December 09, 2004

Title Help Needed!!

Okay, here's the scoop. We are trying to pick a title for my September 05 chick lit. It's about a woman trying to launch her own designer shoe company, even though she's a total sneaker gal and knows nothing about designer shoes. After having worked at Nike for 8 years, I have lots of juicy stories about behind-the-scenes in the shoe industry. So, below are a list of the finalist titles. Let me know your thoughts! You can post a reply to this message, or email me directly at

An Investor’s Guide to Shoes
Shoe Therapy
It’s Raining Shoes
Feet First
Date Me, Date My Feet
If the Shoe Fits
The Truth about Shoes
The Perfect Shoe
The Ultimate Shoe
So Many Shoes, So Little Time
Searching For a Sole Mate


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Angeli said...

uhmm i think for this idea ill either consider dis titles

Date Me, Date My Feet

So Many Shoes, So Little Time

At 8:34 PM, Blogger jon said...

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