Thursday, November 25, 2004

Daily Motivator

My current favorite website is Every day it posts a new inspirational message and they are all really good. Today's is about how to get over it something bad happens. One line in today's message says "You are never obligated to be miserable." How great is that? I know I sometimes (often?) obsess on the negative in my life. Like I'm not allowed to bask in the good stuff. My MIL always says that the only one who can make you feel bad is you. So true! Someone can be a jerk to me, but it's me who lets them make me feel bad! They have no power over how I react to what they do to me! So, my goal for today and tomorrow (at least) is to not let myself feel rotten about anything! Power to the positive thinking! No more negative thoughts!! if something bad happens, I will overwhelm it with positive thoughts. So there!

And Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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