Saturday, November 06, 2004


There is no better feeling than finally getting through a nightmarishly difficult task after slogging through it for what seems like forever! Yipety do dah! I was working on a synopsis for a proposal for my editor, and the story just WASN'T WORKING.


Came up with an idea.

Decided it was stupid.

Came up with another idea.

Realized it was exactly like a proposal I just finished. (side note: I just ran the spell check and I'd spelled exactly wrong, so it gave me a list of words to choose from, and every single option was a version of ejaculate. Hmm... exactly... ejaculate...yeah, I always confuse those words...who is writing these spellcheck programs anyway???)

Came up with another idea.

Decided I was brilliant, and told everyone I knew how smart I was.

Realized it made the hero completely idiotic.

Accidentally broke my keyboard drawer, so now I had a defective brain plus I had to type holding up the left side of my keyboard drawer with my knee. The difficulty of extricating myself from said position was so daunting that I refused to get up and go to the bathroom until it was almost too late. Nothing like a mad dash to the bathroom to get the adrenaline going!

Took the rest of the day off to let it percolate (yes, sometimes that works. Other times, it's a total waste and I come back with a mind that is just as blank as before, but now I'm a day behind.

Came up with another idea.

Tested it cautiously.

Started to get excited, so I clocked myself in the temple with my phone to keep myself in check.

Wrote more, got more excited.

Finished first draft of synopsis and I think it works!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Now comes the big decision. Do I reread it again to ensure it makes sense and risk discovering that it's a really bad idea and I'm back to square one, or do I sent it off to my editor without looking at it again and cross my fingers that she sees some gem of brilliance in there?

I'll reread it. I'm not a big enough big wig to send bad things to my editor. I still need to worry about impressing her!



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