Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Agent Q&A and other goodies

It's time for a new and revamped blog! I will be bringing you you an agent's insider's guide to the industry, Q&A with your favorite authors, tips for writers, hot guys and other goodies. I decided to give a schedule a try and see how it works. Here's how it's going to shake out:

Mondays: Tips for Writers. Every Monday, I'll post some nugget of insight I've gleaned from my experiences as an author. I'm not promising brilliance, but I'm promising that I'll at least write something down!

Tuesdays: A Day in the Life. Yep, today's the day you get gifted with an inside into my twisted life as an author. It's a scary thing. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Wednesdays: Ask an Agent Day! Every Wednesday, Michelle Grajkowksi of Three Seas Literary Agency will answer questions from authors. Questions must be received by Monday at 5pm PST to be eligible for that week's pool. To submit a question, email me at stephanie@stephanierowe.com with ASK AN AGENT in the subject line. Ask An Agent will begin August 24th, so there is plenty of time to send in your questions. In the meantime, Wednesdays will be dedicated to talking about agents instead of having one talk to us.

Thursdays: Inspiration Thursday. You're feeling blah? Unmotivated? Particularly couch potato-ish? Come join us on Thursdays for Inspiration! It might be a hot guy photo. It might be a cool website. It might be a true story that gives you chills. You'll have to stop by and find out!

Fridays: Featured book/author of the week. Please feel free to email me with suggestions about what authors/books you'd like to see featured. As often as possible, this will include a Q&A, so be sure to send questions that you'd like me to ask. I'll announce the authors ahead of time whenever I can.

Saturdays: open forum

Sundays: open forum


At 1:32 PM, Blogger Trish Milburn said...

Great ideas! Can't wait to read them all.


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