Thursday, June 16, 2005

Just when you think it's safe to enter the bedroom...

...the baby gate (or rather, doggie gate, as it is in my house), reaches out and smashes itself between your little toe and the next toe and quite possibly breaks your little toe. Argh! I'm sitting here at my desk with my toe throbbing.

See, this is how it all began... I've been going sockless lately, thanks to the appearance of summer sunshine, and I've been thinking how naked toenails just aren't that attractive (at least mine aren't). So I finally decided I'd take care of business while I was sitting at the computer. So I whip off my shoes, realize my nail polish is in the bedroom, run down the hall, fling the doggie gate aside, slam my toes in a spread eagle around the corner of the gate, collapse in pain and bemoan the fact that fashion and beauty just does not seem to agree with me.

And THEN to further reinforce the fact I have NO business trying to be fashionable, I applied nailpolish to my left toes while I was on the phone brainstorming titles with my friend Guinevere. I accidentally yanked the phone off the desk and my headset popped out, so I had to crawl under my desk to get the phone. When I got back to my chair, I discovered that I now had copious amounts of carpet fuzz and dog hair ground into my freshly applied nail polish. I think there is a enough to knit a scarf, or possibly even a sweater, and it is stuck loyally to my toes.

So now I have a throbbing toe and pedicure from hell. Stephanie, the fashion goddess. Sigh.


At 9:13 AM, Blogger Trish Milburn said...

I'm sorry, Steph, but LOL! :)


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