Saturday, November 19, 2005

Q&A With Eileen Wilks

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1) Can you give us a blurb about your current book, MORTAL DANGER?

I'm terrible at blurbs. Luckily for me, my editor is great. So this is from the back-cover blurb: "Now an agent in a special unit of the FBI's Magical Crimes Division, Lily's job is to hunt down Harlowe, a charismatic cult leader bent on bringing an ancient evil into the world. But what Lily doesn't realize is that Harlowe has set a trap--for her. And then the unthinkable happens.In the blink of an eye, Lily's world divides and collides, and she is thrust into a new and frightening reality. Hr only hope will be to trust Rule--and herself--or Lily will be lost forever . . . . "

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2) What kind of research do you do on werewolves? Are most of your rules ones you made up, or do you try to stay true to a certain amount of werewolf lore? How do you decide where to draw the line?

While I've certainly read a good deal of werewolf lore, I've done more research on wolves than on werewolves. I've never been satisfied by weres who compulsively attack and eat anything that moves. Real wolves don't behave that way; why would a human-wolf mix?Of course, wolves have long gotten a bum rap. In my "Moon Children" world the legends about mad, bloodthirsty werewolves are much like the scary stories passed on about real wolves in our own world--grossly exaggerated.Not that lupi aren't deadly. They are . . . but selectively.

3) Is Lily ever going to become a werewolf?

I don't think so. In the "Moon Children" world, it's almost impossible for anyone to become a werewolf. Of course, I don't always know what's going to happen . . .

4) In addition to writing single title werewolf books, you also write category romance for Silhouette Intimate Moments and Silhouette Desire. How different or similar are these books to your werewolf stories?

I'd like to say they're much the same, in my greedy wish to draw readers of one type to try the other. And certainly there are points of similarity--like most writers, I have certain themes that draw me repeatedly. But I explore these themes very differently in my category books than I do with my "Danger" books.

5) In MORTAL DANGER, you bring a dragon into the mix. Werewolves, sorcerers, Grandmothers with spooky powers, dragons...what’s next? Do you plan ahead all the different paranormal aspects that will be in each book, or does it evolve when you get there?

If you'd ever seen one of my so-called synopses for the "Danger" books, you wouldn't ask. I try to plan ahead, but my mind doesn't seem to bend in that direction. As a result, I'm often surprised by who (and what) shows up.

6) Who are your favorite paranormal authors these days?

I'm dying for the next Kelley Armstrong book to come out.

7) Can you give us a sneak peek at your next book?

Well, Grandmother comes back from China . . . and just in time. Cynna's back, too, with a big role to play. Rule's dealing with some control issues--he no longer has as much control of his wolf. And Lily finds out why all the preternatural beasties want to get their hands on her.

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