Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ladies, Start Those Engines!

Okay, I'm finally ready. Ready for what, you ask? Ready to start writing MUST LOVE DRAGONS (yes, that same ms I was talking about two weeks ago). Well, I haven't started writing yet because I discovered I had mucho more pre-work to do than I'd thought. In my old and wizened age, I am finally beginning to learn that if I start to write too soon, I end up stumped and stopped in the middle of the ms, and then have to go back and rework everything. So, I resisted my internal time clock pressuring me to get writing, and I kept fleshing out the character and plot layers. Not that I have plot outline, because I don't. By fleshing out the layers of each person and their motivations and backstory, all the plot layers evolve on their own (though the plot twists evolve as I write). I have all these different characters and now I know how they all interact with each other and how all the subplots contribute to and affect the main plot. I finished up last night, and today I'm plunging in. So...put on that scuba gear! We're finally going in today! Going deep, going long, and going to enjoy the ride.

Wish me luck.


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