Monday, May 30, 2005

Alpha Guys

I'm halfway thru Christine Feehan's Dark Prince and the hero is your ultimate alpha male. Reminds me of the heroes in Harlequin Presents novels. He's dark, mysterious and thinks he knows what's best for his woman. How come alpha men are so popular in romances? Do we really want a man who tells us what to do? Or is it the idea that a man that tough could be tamed by a woman? Or our natural instinct to gravitate to a man who can protect us and keep us safe? I like my alpha heroes, but when he starts telling a 21st century woman she shouldn't wear jeans because they are man's clothes, I kinda want to shove his head in a bucket of water and tell him to get with the times. I think I like moderate alphas: kick some butt, keep me safe, but don't you dare try to order me around.


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