Saturday, May 28, 2005

My 96 year old fan

Wow. I had an amazing note in my mailbox today! It was a hand written letter from my 96 year old grandmother. My mom had given her a copy of my latest teen book so she could brag to her friends. Well, according to her note, she sat down to read the first page or two so she could get an idea about what it was about, and then didn't move until she'd read the entire thing in one sitting!!! She said the most complimentary things about my story, which is sooo cool. She was rather shocked by some of my other stuff ("What is up with all these women who are so concerned with careers? What woman cares about a career so much?") and had let me know that she was waiting for me to shift my focus and write something that was actually meaningful and had some value. To have her rave about this book after all those other comments totally blew me away! Wow! She was my toughest critic and she's come over to my side! Totally an amazing feeling. And she's not even my target audience (by about 80-85 years!). But, lest you think my teen books are a bit errant on who they appeal to, I have also gotten some really cool emails from teens letting me know they loved this latest book. PHEW! So anyway, I just had to share. Sometimes one little note from a reader can just blow me away. Today, it was the one from my grandmother.


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