Monday, May 02, 2005

If you could know the future, would you?

Here I sit. My fingernails chewed to the bone (well, metaphorically. I don't actually bite my fingernails). My cell phone clipped to my waist so I don't miss a call. My email always on so I don't miss an email. My brain unable to function because I'm waiting.... and waiting... and waiting... for news. I have several proposals on the cusp of selling... will they sell? The wait is TORTURING ME! I want to know!!!

Or do I?

If I could look into the future to know what will happen next week or the week after, would I want to know? My gut says "OF COURSE I WOULD!" But if I knew those proposals would sell, would I sit on my arse all this week and do nothing? But because I don't know, I'm busting my butt on my next project, determined to do better so that if the ones out there don't sell, the next ones will. And because of that, I'm improving my writing, which is a very important thing. So... would I want to know?

Not sure. I mean Yes! I mean No. I mean... I don't know! Yeah, I know it doesn't actually matter because it's not like I can actually read the future if I want to, but when you read enough paranormal, it seems plausible enough.

What are you wondering about happening in your future? What college you'll get into? Whether a particular hottie will notice how amazing you are and pledge his undying love? Would you want to know ahead of time how it will all work out, or is the unknown and the torture and the journey a good thing?


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