Friday, February 03, 2006

Author Q&A: Melissa Senate

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1) Can you give us a blurb on your current release, THE BREAKUP CLUB?

Meet the members of The Breakup Club, four co-workers at a New York City publishing house who revolt when they're assigned to work on a high profile celebrity biography about perfect love. Okay, they don't revolt so much as talk about their personal lives more than their puke-worthy project... :

Lucy Miller-Masterson... She's a superstar editor of bestselling books, the wife of a hot-shot doctor, and the mom of a precocious pre-teen. Everything changes when she finds a list of her husband's New Year's resolutions--make that resolution: to leave her.

Miranda Miller... She hates her job as an editorial assistant at the publishing house where her older sister, Lucy, is a big cheese. She hates that her ex-boyfriend, the guy of her dreams, doesn't seem to be coming back with an engagement ring and an apology. So she gets proactive--and actually manages to make her ex propose to another woman. Now what's she gonna do?

Christopher Levy... The newly-separated thirtysomething dad has weekend custody of his one-year old baby and not a clue how to handle fatherhood as a single guy. Unluckily for him, the sanctimommies at the playground are full of advice. Luckily for him, he's got the breakup club.

Roxy Marone: Hmmm... marry the guy who's been her boyfriend since first grade (her wedding's only hours away!) or, say, run out the backdoor, race for the subway (in her veil and makeup and chignon) to go on a potentially life-changing job interview? Twenty-five-year-old Roxy risks the wrath of her super-traditional family and fiance to fulfill her own dreams . . .

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2) What’s your worst break-up story?

A serious boyfriend actually said to me: "My mother is uncomfortable with our relationship because your brother is married to a Chinese woman." I dumped him on his head less than a minute later. (Saved from both a Momma's boy and the mother-in-the-law from hell (racist hell, at that!) I've had lots of break-up doozies, but nothing tops that one.

3) Who is your celebrity boyfriend and why?

My celebrity boyfriend is and always be the delicious Hugh Laurie. I loved him as Stuart Little's nerdy dad. I love him as the tortured Greg House. I love his face. Love his accent. I even love his cane.

4) What bad habit do you have that you’ve tried to break but you just can’t?

Playing online instead of writing! I'm addicted to the "Toddler Parents" message board on, which is totally anonymous, so you can imagine the posts there!

5) Can you give us a sneak peek at your next book?

I'm so excited about my very first YA, THEODORA TWIST, which will be pubbed by Random House in May. It's about the unexpected friendship that deveops between an out-of-control superstar teen actress and an "invisible" high school junior when they share a life for one month....
THE BREAKUP CLUB, Available now!, read an excerpt
THEODORA TWIST, (young adult), available May 06


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