Friday, January 20, 2006

Galley Alert! Galley Alert!!

I'm so excited! My editor just emailed me that she's shipping me my box of ARCs! For those of you not steeped in author-speak, an ARC is an advanced reading copy that is sent out to key accounts and reviewers considerably ahead of the release date, to drum up interest in the book. The cool thing about Warner is that they bind the ARCs with the real cover (lots of publishers just put a brown paper cover on). They could still have typos etc b/c it hasn't gone thru the final proofing and they aren't for resale, but they are the completed and bound book, very close to final production form. So, it's almost like getting your actual book!! I'm SOO excited. I'll be giving away a copy or two or three on my blog and on my website, so stay tuned!


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