Thursday, January 12, 2006


My Warner editor asked me to send her three "nuggets" about me that she could include in some promo material. I wasn't sure exactly what she was looking for, so I sent her an assortment of "nuggets" to choose from. Though y'all might find some of them amusing, so I'm posting them below:

1) Hometown: technically, Beaverton, OR, but I'm a Bostonian at heart and still consider myself from Boston even though I haven't lived there in nine years. Go Patriots!
2) I once got my elbow stuck in a trampoline.
3) In my past life, I was an attorney in a Boston law firm...before I saw the light.
4) I am a TOTAL dog lover and have two black labs who are the best dogs EVER. They have deluxe dogs beds in my office and hang out with me all day.
5) I am a terrible waterskiier.
6) When I was a senior in high school, I gave a speech to my class on "how to get a man." Obviously, my destiny as a romance author was firmly established from the start.
7) When I was in elementary school, I won the blue ribbon at our public library's summer reading club for reading the most books over the summer.
8) I developed an adult onset chocolate allergy which I continue to test on a regular basis to see if it has gone away. It hasn't. Woe is me.
9) When I was in law school, a friend of mine was astonished to learn I don't drink coffee. He said that no one could be as insanely high energy as me and not be a caffeine drinker. I don't think it was a compliment...
10) I met my husband by picking him up in a bar. Eleven years and still going strong...
11) I am an avid tennis player and only rarely hit myself in the head with my own racquet while playing.
12) I wrote 18 books before selling my first book.
13) I won the Romance Writer's of America Golden Heart Award for Short Contemporary in 2003.
14) Wolverine from the X-Men is my movie star boyfriend. Yum, yum. X-Men #3 coming out this summer. How will I withstand the wait???
15) I wrote my first book when I was ten years old, then abandoned the idea when someone wanted to read it. Good thing I overcame that phobia, eh?
16) My favorite book as a youth was THE LAST OF THE REALLY GREAT WHANGDOODLES. Guess my interest in fantasy started early, eh?


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