Monday, January 16, 2006


Today isn't just about having a day off (not that I got one, being self-employed, but that's not my point). Today is about recognizing a great man who stood for things that our country should be built on. Things like equality and opportunity and treating everyone as they deserve to be treated, no matter what they look like on the outside. On some levels, our country has come so far, and on other levels, we're just as awful as we were one hundred years ago. It's frightening how much racism still exists at all levels in this country. It's frightening how people who aren't directly affected by it don't notice it, or don't think about it, or don't think it exists. Look around you. Really see what's going on. And then do what you can to make a difference. Each little thing matters. Do your part to fulfill a dream that is long overdue. We all owe it to each other.


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