Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

drive safe. watch out for other guy. be cooler than me, who is posting on my blog at 11pm instead of running around causing trouble.

funny story of the week: i went to Macaroni Grill for dinner, and after dinner, i went to the rest room. I'm the only one in there, so I'm having a litle party and singalong while I'm washing my hands, and then suddenly I realize it says "men" on the back of the door. Now, I had a little incident not too long ago where I went into the men's room by mistake and seriously paid for it, so the instant I saw "men" on the back of the door, I totally freaked and was like "OMG! I did it again! What IS my problem?" So i lunge for the door and yank it open, hoping to bail before I get bagged (fyi, the trauma from my previous incident still lingers) and I yank the door open, then I realize it says "women" on the outside of the door. So I jerk my back back ino the restroom and read the back of the door again, wondering if i was losing my mind. Nope, it really does say "Men." So I look on the outside of the door again and it says "Women." So I go thru this exercise a couple more times before I realize that the restaurant was intentionally trying to mess with me! Bastards! My opposite-sex-bathroom-psyche is way too fragile for that!!!!!! Thoroughly traumatized, I stagger back to the table and relay my horror story to my dinner companions. My dh then tells me that "Women" is written on the backside of the "Men's" door. Um, hello!?!? A litle heads up would have been nice!


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