Tuesday, December 27, 2005

things that make you do the snoopy dance

Question: what's almost as cool as seeing your first book on the shelves for the first time?

Answer: seeing a good friend's first book on the shelves for the first time.

Today I was in Waldenbooks and I saw Michelle Rowen's BITTEN & SMITTEN on display! Not only was in on sale, but it was in a 4x4 (4 rows of 4 books each) wooden display right in front of the cash register with Janet Evanovich and Carly Phillips. There were only 16 books in the display and one of them was B&S! Talk about AWESOME product placement!!! Seriously, I had to step around this display in order to get to the register. So I bought it and bragged to the register lady that I knew the girl who wrote it and I was so excited to read it and I've heard it was so good, etc. etc.

And, in an equally cool moment, I was in the grocery store three days ago and I saw another good friend's first book on sale as well!!! There weren't many books in the book section, but front and center was Janice Lynn's JANE MILLIONAIRE, face out, of course!!! I was so excited and I dragged my husband over to show him (he was the only one around, sadly) and pointed it out, and then bought it and bragged to the register girl. That cover is HOT and the book is supposed to be just as HOT so I'm so excited to read it!

So, the question is, do I read vampire first or H-O-T first...or do I write the book that's due 1/15 and put off reading until I turn in my book?

Dang it. I couldn't have stopped with the first part of the question, could I? No... I had to ask the second part. Idiot!

Off to lock my new books up so I can't touch them for another three weeks.


At 10:54 PM, Blogger MaryF said...

You're so good to resist! I wish I had your discipline!

At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Janice Lynn said...

Stephanie~I think you should be B~A~D and read the H~O~T one. ;)

& OMG! Jane Millionaire was in a grocery store??????? Kathunk! That was me hitting the floor.


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