Thursday, December 29, 2005

got no love

Last night, my computer froze up. I powered down and then when I tried to turn it back on, I got no love. I couldn't even get into Windows. So I called HP support and they said that my Operating System was shot and I needed to repair or reinstall it, and at the least it would wipe out all my documents (repair option) and at worst, it would wipe out everything (reinstall option). I asked if there were any other options, and he said no. I said I really didn't want to lose all my data, and he said there were no other options.

So, I called my BIL, computer wizard and asked him if HP was telling the truth, and he said yes and no. Yes, because my OS was probably shot, but No, because he could copy my hardrive, fix my OS and then put everything back on it. Or, if it was a hard drive problem, he could still put copy my existing hard drive onto a new hard drive and all would be well. So, nothing lost, except possibly my emails and contacts, but he's optimistic about that.

Um, hello? We paid good money for a 3 year extended warranty from HP and they can't offer that service? Data recovery would be nice, don't you think? Apparently, all the extended warranty covers is hardware and telling you how to wipe all your data off your computer, end of story. Lose your data? Not their problem.

So, I am heading off to The UPS store to ship my BIL my computer so he can mess around with it, see what the problem is, make a copy of my hard drive, fix the problem, then put everything back on and send it back. So much for the HP extended warranty, and thank heavens for my BIL.

And, for the moment, I've lost all my emails and all my contacts, so anyone who is waiting for an email from me...please email me again! Or, if you ever want to hear from me, please email me becuase I have no email addresses! I'm doing email off the web at the moment.

There's nothing like having a total sytem failure two and a half weeks before your book is due, eh?


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Trish Milburn said...

Ah, man, that sucks big time. Thank goodness for the techie BIL.

At 5:20 AM, Blogger MaryF said...

Um,. what are you going to do, Stephanie????


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