Friday, September 30, 2005

Date Me, Baby; Birthday Months and Presents to Myself

Okay, since I'm so excited about paranormal coming out with Warner in May, I've decided to institute the DATE ME, BABY update so y'all can get all the scoop about the process a book goes through up until the date it goes on the shelves, and because I'm so excited it gives me an excuse to talk about it. So, it's one of those, I'm doing it for you but really I'm doing it for me, things. You know. Like when you give your husband new curtains for his birthday? Yeah, sure it's because you think he'll like them... That's like the time my mountain-biking dh gave me a bike rack for his bike for my truck for my birthday... oh, sure, I had a bike too at the time, but that gift was so not for me. I think I was cranky for at least a week. Speaking of birthdays, guess what tomorrow marks the start of? My birthday month! Yep, I don't have a birthday, or a birthday week, I have a birthday month. The month of October is all about me. Istarted the tradition when I was in a particulary miserable period of my life at a job from hell, and I really needed a pick-me-up for my life. Hence the creation of my birthday month, and I have faithfully honored the tradition ever since. Since tomorrow marks the start of it, I think I should do something to celebrate. Hmm... maybe a new workout outfit? Or a new car (hah!)? Or maybe I'll just bake myself a cake and eat the whole thing in one day. Yes, yes, I think that's the best option. Does anyone else celebrate their birthday month? And if you're feeling cranky about how many birthday's you've had, shame on you! Another birthday is better than the alternative, right? I mean, heck, as long as you're still hanging around this planet, you might as well honor yourself, right? Of course, right.

Okay, enough about birthdays! It's time for the first DATE ME, BABY update. Drum roll, please...

DATE ME, BABY update #1: I talked to my editor yesterday and finally got the revisions for DATE ME, BABY. I'm so excited. The revisions are totally manageable, I agree with all of them and I think they will make the book much stronger. This is my first book with my new editor, and I'm completely thrilled. I love her editing style! We did the big picture items over the phone today and she's mailing me the marked up mss fed ex for the smaller changes. So now, I'm off to continue working on the revisions. And you know what's great? As I'm rereading DATE ME, BABY, I still love the story! Usually by now, I'm so tired of the story that I can't stand to read another word, but I still really like this book. Relief!!


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