Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Eyes Wide Open

As I embark upon day #3 of brainstorming for MUST LOVE DRAGONS, I have discovered a truth. The truth is that the reason I didn't feel ready to start writing MLD may indeed have been one part fear, but in fact, it simply wasn't ready to write. I needed to do brainstorming to flesh the story and characters out. And after two days, I still need to do some more. The story and characters are coming together nicely, but there was no way I would have been ready to write a good book if I'd tried to go forward based only on what I'd put together for the proposal. So sometimes, maybe what looks like writer's block based on one cause (fear of failure), may actually be the smarter part of your brain saying "Hey, you numbnut! This book isn't ready to write, as is! You need to dig deeper before you start pumping out prose, so get to it!"

Off to brainstorm.

An Agent's View will be coming up later today... stay tuned!


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