Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Blog!

Hey! Did anyone notice that my blog now looks wicked cool and it matches my website??!?! I'm totally pumped! Michelle Rowen, goddess and vampire author extraordinaire, did it for me. To support her, we all have to go out and buy her vampire book, Bitten & Smitten, when it comes out in January.

Okay, after posting the above, I decided I needed to go to her website to read her excerpt and... OH WOW! I am totally hooked!!! I cannot believe I have to wait until January to read the rest of the story! Seriously, go read it. It sounds awesome!

Off to gaze happily at my new blog for a while longer... sigh... Michelle is sooo smaht.


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Colleen Gleason said...

Oooh! Bitten & Smitten does sound good! And we have to wait until January?

Nice job on the blog redesign, too, Steph. It looks great. And happy belated birthday.

Hope the revisions are going well.



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