Monday, September 05, 2005

A Day in the Life Tuesday: Readers

Friday was a very exciting day. My mom had ordered a bunch of copies of my September chick lit, and she picked them up from the store on Friday. She brought them home and gave a copy to my sister-in-law. She picked it up and immediately started reading it. In front of me. The nerve of her! There I was, sitting across from her, staring at her. Why wasn’t she laughing? Was she bored already? Was she actually falling asleep in the middle of chapter one? Would she put it down and never pick it up? Would she finish it and avoid me for the next three years because she was afraid I’d ask if she liked it and she didn’t want to tell me that it gave her nightmares for months (and not in a good way!)? Ack! The neurosis! I was so relieved when the call for dinner came a few minutes later and she had to put it down. I hope she never reads one of my books in front of me again.

Me, a neurotic author? You bet.

It’s one thing to put my book out there and be judged by perfect strangers who are readers, reviewers and even other writers. I’m okay with that. I love great reviews (who doesn’t?) but I’m really not to undone by bad reviews. They happen. Even Stephen King gets bad reviews, but his career is going just fine, don’t you think?

But to be sitting in the presence of someone reading my work? Waiting, watching, hoping for a positive reaction? Terrifying.


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