Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Day in the Life Tuesday: I love computers!

I've been making some progress on my new fantasy proposal. Got my arms nicely around the heroine two days ago. Getting ready to try writing again. Making some good headway on an Author Questionnaire for Warner. All is well...

And then, disaster strikes.

I turn on my computer and I get a delightful surprise. In some attempt at computer humor that doesn't translate well to humans, my computer has reverted to its brand new state. It is the same as it was when it arrived at my house, without a single shred of anything I've ever done to it including such fun things as every document ever written, all my emails, all my contacts, bookmarks, settings etc. You name it. Gone! Isn't that fun? After laughing uproariously at my computer's antics for a few hours, I sweetly asked it to end the joke and give me my life back.

Stubborn SOB refused.

So now I'm in a mission to find SOMEONE who can fix it! My BIL and my brother are both computer experts who I'm sure have PC Anywhere and could bop onto the internet and straighten this puppy out, but I can't reach them. I'm in the woods of Maine. Don't know if there are any computer techies hanging out with the raccoons and the moose, but I'm going to go see what I can find! I refuse to believe everything is really gone.

So, if I owe you an email, try bribing my computer to release it. Otherwise, it might be a long time until you hear from me...


At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Esri/Kiki said...

Oh, MAN! You must believe it's still there somewhere, because otherwise you'd be in tears. I'm wondering if you set up a user account for yourself on your computer, and then somehow aren't in it anymore. Have you tried hitting the Start menu, then Log Off, and then logging back in again?


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