Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The best part of being a writer...

Ever since I penned my first horrific, unpublishable manuscript, I've wanted to do romantic suspense. After writing twelve that didn't sell, I switch to comedy and finally had success selling a book. While I adore writing comedy and I had the most amazing time writing my paranormal romcom for Warner, I've always continued to be fascinated with dark books. I love them! I sold a romantic suspense to Intrigue (out in January 06), which got the ol' juices flowing again.

Well. I was in the shower this morning, rolling around ideas in my mind, and suddenly I was lambasted with a brilliant idea for a romantic suspense series. I mean, brilliant. Dark, tortured heroes, truly evil villian, heart-wrenching conflict. So I ran over to my computer and started brainstorming and I'm totally floored with the story that's emerging. This is it! This is the idea I've been waiting for! I can't wait to flesh this puppy out and see what happens. I have no idea why it chose this moment to finally emerge, but it did, and I'm trying desperately to catch it before it disappears.

I'm so excited!!!

Now, if only I can do the idea justice... that's the tough part.


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